Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Languages

Education is a life long learning. There should be no hesitation to pursue undergraduate studies. A transforming future awaits you at Faculty of Educational Science and Languages. Also, we believe that every learner is the architecture of own future as you rightly choose BBU to be your educator since our university is committed to education excellence in teaching and learning.

To ensure that all the graduates can achieve their preferred career goals, we are committed to offer the programmes which fit to the labour market demand. Therefore, we have knit links with related industries and stakeholders by doing regular labour market assessment and evaluation. As a result, you will be confident that your knowledge and skills enable you to achieve your career ambition in an ever changing marketplace.

In addition, the excellence in teaching and learning cannot be separated from the committed, qualified administrative and teaching staff. Our large pool of both local and native teaching staffare highly qualified and full of experience in their discipline of "Education" and "English Language". Therefore, your study life at university will be both useful and enjoyable.

I look forward to welcoming you to get a study life and bright future with Build Bright.

With warmest regards,

Dean, Educational Science and Language

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