Geographical Location

Banteay Meanchey is a province that shares borders with Battambang, Siem Reap, Poipet and Oddor Meanchey provinces. Banteay Meanchey has a total land area of 667700 square meters in which the forest covers 21600 hectares, water covers 80850 hectares, rice fields covers 358350 hectares, and residence covers 12500 hectares. It has a total people of 640,014 (132, 322 families).

As land and soil are fertile, more than 70 percent of people work in agriculture. Agricultural crops yield considerable amount that not only help support the family living but also export to other countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Further, more than 20 percent of the people do all kinds of businesses since Banteay Meanchey is the port of entry and exit for goods, businessmen, and tourists; therefore, the living standard of people in Banteay Meanchey has improved.

These potential factors contribute to the decision of opening Build Bright University Banteay Meanchey.Another reason is to develop human resources in the region that needs quality and sustainability. More importantly,, opening a university in this region helps reduce education expense and helps students who could not afford to pursue their education in Phnom Penh but are interested to gain more knowledge.

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