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Mr. Yin Sophoan

Position : Cheif of Post Graduate Studies

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Major: General Management

Duties : Cheif of Post Graduate Studies

Ground Floor, Building Office, O'ambel

Commune, Serey Sophoan Town.

+(855) 77 37 77 26

+(855) 16 666 733



Office of Post graduate Studies (OPGS) will be one of the leading and innovative centres of higher learning in the University


Building office of Graduate Studies (IPGS) as one of the most innovative and excellent centres of higher learning in the University to meet the changing needs of human resources in the country, region and at global level.

General Overview of The Program

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies of Build Bright University offers both Master and Ph.D. level programs and is widely known for its innovation and excellence in both teaching and research. It is the most dynamic institution which offers its programs through several Graduate Schools, such as :


Study Opportunities

The university offers excellent study opportunities for all students at Post Graduate level. The subjects taught at Post Graduate level are research based and require active participation from students to complete their course work. The level of teaching can widely be comparable to international standards because of the involvement of both local and international professors having vast experience on their respective areas of teaching. After completing the Master level programs, students may join the Ph.D. program of the university to pursue their research work under the active guidance of their respective Research Supervisors and on completing their research work they will be awarded with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Thus, the university offers a bright career for the students at higher level of learning and the Institute of Post Graduate Studies is committed to accomplish this objective.

Degree Offered

On successful completion of the Master/Ph.D. Program, the students will be awarded with their degree in their respective fields approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Royal Government of Cambodia. In Case of International Program, the concerned university will award the degree.

Duration, Term and Credit

The Master Programme of the university comprises of two academic years and consisting of five terms. The whole program is of 51 credits.

Each course equals three credits which are equivalent to 45 hours of teaching.

The Ph.D. programme of the university comprises of three academic years and the program is of 54 credits. The total credit of the program is divided into several activities to be carried out by the research scholars for completing their research work including both classroom teaching and field research work. For detailed, please refer to the Doctoral Programs.

The International Programme of the university comprises of:

  • Minimum Duration
    • Two years (4 semesters) in normal case.
    •  1 1/2 years (3 semesters) in case of lateral entry.
  • Maxumum Duration – 4 years
  • 72 Credits.
Evaluation Procedure
  • Except the final examination subjects, in case of all other subjects in the program, the following methods of assessment shall be followed to focus on the learning outcomes of the students.
    1. Class Assessment – 40%

      Group/Individual – Quizzes, discussion and presentation, case analysis and presentation, exercise and problem solving.
      (Focus is continuous process of evaluation)

    2. Home Assignment – 25%

      Individual – Topic for research and presentation, submission of assignment based on research on the topic

      (Teacher of the specified subject shall be free to adopt appropriate methods of the students' assessment based on the above general principle).

    3. Final Assesment 35%

Grading System

Students securing different percentages of scores in aggregate would get the grades as below

Percentage Grade Points Remark
85 - 100 A 4.0 Excellent
80 - 84 B+ 3.5 Very Good
70 - 79 B 3.0 Good
65 - 69 C+ 2.5 Fairly Good

Tuition Fees
  • For Master Business Administration (MBA) Programmes
    Local Candidates
    1. At the beginning of each term – US$ 300 for five terms
    2. At the time of admission         – US$ 750 for two years
    3. One time payment at the time of admission – US$ 1500
    Foreign Candidates
    • At the beginning of each term – US$ 400 for five terms
  • For Master Of Education M.Ed
    Local Candidates
    1. At the beginning of Second Semester (Lateral Entry) – US$ 650
    2. At the beginning of the Third Semester – US$ 650
    3. At the beginning of the Fourth Semester – US$ 1600 each year) – US$ 1250
Admission Requirement

The admission to any Master Programme requires a completion of bachelor degree and DBA or Ph.D. programme requires a completion of master degree from any recognized University/ Institution duly recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. For any specific program, please refer to the admission requirement of respective Graduate School.


The The Institute of Postgraduate Studies offers several Master Programs along with the Ph.D. Program through Graduate Schools. The Master Programs are Master of Business Administration, Master of Economics, Master of Rural Development and Project Management, Master of Tourism and Hospitality, Master of Information Technology, Master of Law and Political Science, Master of Public Administration and Master of Education. Please refer to the Graduate Schools for respective program in detail.

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